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SPJST ENC is the organization that operates Cooper Farm.  SPJST ENC has a long term lease with LCRA for the 181 acres located in Waldack Texas that is Cooper Farm.  

Cooper Farm started out as a hay farm many years ago that was owned by the Cooper Family and managed by the Sternadels.  Over time LCRA realized that there was a low grade lignite located on Cooper Farm's property.  So LCRA took over control of the land and several farms around Cooper Farm.  Cooper Farm would become the base of operations for the lignite mining of the area.  Due to much public opposition the mining was stopped and much of Cooper Farm was sold back to landowners and so were many of the surrounding farms.  

The 181 acres that was kept was then turned into a model for showing how agriculture and wildlife could live together and still is till this day.  Presently the SPJST ENC operates a camping and education facility on the property with sleeping accommodations for 180 people, many outdoor activities and an air-conditioned dinning hall.  

Cooper Farm is open to any user group or family group looking to have an event in an outdoor setting.  At this time we have fraternal groups and many community based groups bringing youth for camping activities.   




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